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The Book

This book asserts that the major reason for the widespread poverty in the post independent nations of Sub-Saharan Africa is failure of leadership. The book is an in-depth and bold dialogue with several constituencies about the necessity to find alternative pathways to solve the monumental problems facing the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa. It asserts that the most formidable barriers to progress in these nations are Sub-Saharan Africans themselves, particularly the leaders. The unfathomable scope and depth of corruption by these leaders, the lovelessness of fellow citizens and the catastrophic lack of deep thought about the purpose of life exhibited by these kleptocrats and plutocrats have blighted the vast majority of the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa. Thus, for these nations to escape from destitution, change must originate from within. This fundamental change must be anchored on complete attitudinal and mental transformation and an embrace by their heart of light rather than darkness. African leaders are reminded that life anchored on the pursuit of money, material wealth and power by any means, is hollow, empty and meaningless. The future leaders of Sub-Saharan Africa are reminded that the Creator has endowed them and the citizens of their nations with the talents they need to develop themselves and their societies. Furthermore, nature has been so kind to their nations, endowing them with more than sufficient natural resources. Thus, they need not continue the culture of dependency on the rest of the human race. 

The book was published in April 2017 by Hamilton Books, an Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Maryland, USA. It is available at, Barnes&,, ( and the publisher’s website,

The book is also available in several bookstores in Washington DC including Politics and Prose bookstore, Potter's House in Adams Morgan, East City Bookshop at Capitol Hill and Bridge Street Books in Georgetown.

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