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RESCUE THYSELF: Change In Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come From Within was published in April 2017 by Hamilton Books, an Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Maryland, USA.

  In the past fifty to sixty years, more than $1 trillion in foreign aid have gone to Africa. Despite this largesse and the multitude of foreign experts in many disciplines made available to these nations and their enormous natural resources, Sub-Saharan Africa remains the world’s poorest region. So, why has foreign aid failed to alleviate poverty and promote development and economic growth in Africa?

Well, the crushing poverty in the subcontinent is due to widespread failure of leadership.

The book asserts that the most formidable barriers to progress and development in many of the nations in Sub-Saharan Africa are the extremely corrupt, selfish, visionless, incompetent Sub-Saharan African leaders who have presided over the decimation of the subcontinent.

Well, for these nations to arise from the basement of human development, fundamental changes must originate from within. The problems of these nations will never be solved by North Americans, Europeans or by the new dance with China and India. Some of these nations certainly need help. But first, they must start helping themselves and this begins with the realization that the plague resides "Within". It is the failure of leadership.

The book is a holistic, provocative and bold “conversation” with several audiences especially Africans in the homeland and in the Diaspora and government policymakers in the West and the East and the foreign aid community. In addition to several topics, the issue of lack of efficacy of foreign aid, as presently structured and delivered to these nations is addressed.

Several possible solutions for the region's huge problems are proposed. These are anchored on a new type of leadership with a complete transformation of their minds, honest governance, true sense of justice by the leaders, quality education, superb infrastructure, respect for the rule of law and a different strategy by the donors. 

The book is available at, Barnes&,, ( and the publisher’s website,

It is also available in several bookstores in Washington DC including Politics and Prose bookstore, Potter's House in Adams Morgan, East City Bookshop at Capitol Hill and Bridge Street Books in Georgetown.